Welcome to the Support & FAQ section on the SJBB HQ! – In order to assist our viewers with any issues or concerns they may have while using our services we have created a list of frequent asked questions along with some operational information. If your question is not listed here and require further assistance then please drop us an email to [email protected]

You can see a full list of Theme Parks & Water Parks we have visited here: https://www.sjbb.co.uk/parks/

You can see a full list of Tourist Attractions we have visited here: https://www.sjbb.co.uk/attractions/

When we go on different trips we always try to make sure we keep the content in date order when it gets released onto the channel. While we try to keep the content in order we may also delay certain projects that are not suitable for release yet or need additional editing. We will also sometimes prioritize newer projects over older ones due to seasonal events taking place at the different attractions we visit. The content we release onto the channel is always being rotated which may also effect our release schedule.


The content we make on the channel is made up of a mixture of different formats including: VLOG’s, Complete Attraction Walkthroughs, VIP Expericnes, Animal Encounters, Rides, Attractions, Shows, Parade, Guides, Reviews, Arcade footage and lot’s more.

The content we release is always changing and rotating on a weekly basics to ensure we are always keeping things fresh on the channel. We don’t announce our next video in advance because of this so it’s always best to stay Subscribed to the SJBB YouTube Channel. We no longer operate a frequent release schedule but instead only release videos when they are ready and deemed necessarily.

As of August 2018 we have started recording new videos using a Samsung Galaxy S9 for general filming and a Go-Pro Hero 4 for more advanced recording. Previous videos have been recorded using a Sony Xperia Z3+.


If you are having issues watching one of our videos on our YouTube channel then try watching the video again via the SJBB HQ. This will sometimes fix the issue and override the blocked restrictions on the video set out by YouTube

We may delete your comment on one of our videos or social media channels if we deem your post to be hateful, inappropriate, scamming, threatening, racial, advertising or another form of reason we deem unacceptable and do not want our viewers to witness. If your account seems to become a common problem or we deem it to be an annoyance or cause of disinterest to us or our viewers we may block your account from interacting with the SJBB services. These kind of things are done on a case to case situation and we recommend you contact us on our support page or contact [email protected] to discuss matters further.

SJBB does not support the Like 4 Like, Follow 4 Follow or Sub 4 Sub systems, we believe that people should like, follow and subscribe to channels they are passionate, want to help grow and support their favourite creators. We will only interact with other creators social media channels if we enjoy their content and our regular viewers of their content. We may also like, follow and subscribe to other users social media channels for other reasons but this is done on a individual basic.

SJBB owns and operates the following domains SJBB.co.uk. SJBB currently only operates from these Official email address for a mixture of different reasons: [email protected] is the official and default email address used for most cases. [email protected] is very rarely used and reserved for administrator use only, [email protected] is used for automated messages that do not require a response. SJBB will only operate from the email address listed above and any domains not listed are not officially connected with SJBB or the SJBB Services. In very rare circumstances guest stars that reach “Channel Veteran” status will be granted their very own personal @sjbb.co.uk email address to communicate with viewers of the channel and more.  SJBB owns and runs the SJBB Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and YouNow.