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Eurostar Standard Premier Seating

​Join Sam as we travel to the happiest place on earth but this time with a little upgrade. In this video we will be giving you a detailed review and our experience of the Standard Premier seating on the direct Eurostar service from St Pancras Intentional to the Disneyland Paris Resort station which is called marne la vallee chessy. The standard premier seating is more expensive than the regular service but includes quite coaches, free light meals on board, a selection of free magazines and just a more relaxed experienced way to travel.

​Christmas Time At Disneyland Paris

Take a look what it’s like at Christmas Time at the Disneyland Paris Resort. In this video we take a look around the Christmas decorations along Main Street USA and Sleeping Beauty castle.  There is also snow happening on Main Street USA before we get take a little look at the Disneyland Paris Christmas Parade for 2018 featuring some of your favorite Disney Characters and more. A little later in the video we also take a little look at the Merry Stitchmas Show which is a great watch for the whole family. 

Discovering New Things In Discoveryland

Join Sam as he discovers a range of new attractions in Discoveryland at the Disneyland Paris Resort. We go from meeting Darth Vader and almost joining the dark side to watching Mickey’s Philharmagic which was usually only available at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. I also take on the mission of trying to become a space ranger but did I manage to save the galaxy? All is levelheaded with the Point Score Tracker throughout my ride on the Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast attraction.

Walt Disney Studios Snow VLOG

Join Sam for a special snow filled and very very cold day at the Walt Disney Studios park. In this video we start of by looking at the weather and then start to head down to the park.  We take a little look around the Walt Disney Studios park during this very special moment before taking the chance to escape into the warm by watching the Mickeys Christmas Big Band show which the full video can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qhKZ1obzyM. After the show we take a look around the France area before heading onto the Ratatouille attraction.

Slinky Dog ZigZag Spin

Join Sam as we finish up our ride on the Ratatouille ride and head into the Toy Story Land section of the park. We take a look around the area and take a ride on the RC Racers ride but straight after take a ride on Slinky Dog ZigZag Spin which was short but always great fun. We then head into the Motors Action Stunt Show to watch the performance again after not seeing it in a few years. We watched the whole show but only recorded the stunts which can be found see in the next episode of Disneyland Paris Solo Adventure 2018.

Motors Action Stunt Show All Stunts

In this episode we are dedicating the whole video to the Motors Action Stunt Show Spectacular as we bring you all of the stunts that performed in the show. The Motors Action Stunt Show Spectacular is a great way to entertainment the how family by not only watching dangerous and incredible stunts but to see how some of movie magic works.  Motors Action Stunt Show is performed daily at the Walt Disney Studio park. 

Amazing Water Fountain Show

​Join Sam as we take a little look around Main Street USA and get up close to the Sleeping Beauty Castle. While exploring the area we were lucky enough to catch an up close view of the Water Fountain Shows. The water fountains were great fun and dance brilliantly with the background music. After it was time to take a ride on the wildest ride in the wildness which is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Best Buffalo Bills Show Wild West Show Moment

Join Sam as we travel into outer space to help save the galaxy in this incredible dark themed roller coaster. The Hyperspace Mountain ride brings together insane launches, hidden turns and upside down segments and lots of cool special effects all in flow with the Star Wars soundtrack. After returning from outer space it was time to head back in time to the wild west as we experience one of my favorite shows. We first saw Buffalo Bills Wild West Show with Mickey and Friends back in 2014 and since then it has become one of our favorite things to do every year. 

Sea Life Paris Travel Guide

In this little episode we take a little trip from the Disneyland Paris Resort train station Marn La Valle to the Sea Life Paris station Val d’Europe. This travel guide will you the right train to take along with how to get to the Sea Life Paris inside the Val d’Europe Shopping Mall. When you first get into the Train Station you will need to buy a ticket from the machine or from the tourist information building outside of the station itself. Once you have your ticket you will then be able to hop onto the train and you will need to get of at the first stop which is the Val d’Europe station. When you arrive you will just need to exit outside the main station gate and follow the video instructions.

Sea Life Paris VLOG

Join Sam as we embark on another undersea adventure at a new Sea Life attraction. In this video we do a complete walk through experience of the Sea Life Paris Aquarium and get up close to some fish and also find some unique sections and interactive experience. The Sea Life Paris center has a lot of unique pieces which really makes it stands out from it’s other attractions such as the spacious areas to move around, the way you are led round the Sea Life and the amazing interactive sections through-out the attraction. The Sea Life Paris is a really nice place to visit and is personally one of my favourites I have visited and actually would place higher than some of the ones in the UK. 

Exploring Disney Village

In this episode we find ourselves taking a walk into the Disney Village to take a flight in the Hot Air Balloon or as it’s known by it’s official name PanoraMagique. PanoraMagique was closed during the day we wanted to actually go up into the air but that was due to the weather conditions but instead we took the chance to walk around some of the Disney Village shops. We took a look around the Lego Disney Store, Arcade and also did a little shopping for some pin badges. The Disney Village is a good place to go after the parks have closed for some evening dinning and entertainment options.

Christmas Meets It's A Small World

Join Sam as we head back into the Disneyland Park and this time head towards Fantasyland for some more magical moments. It was time to take a ride on the It’s  A Small World attraction but this ride was like no other as we got as we didn’t know that It’s A Small World had a little make over and design change with some new Christmas effects and Soundtrack to celebrate the Holiday season. The ride itself was the standard attraction we are all used to but adding a mixture between the normal ride and Christmas really made it extra special ride especially if you weren’t expecting it.

Stars On Parade Magical Moments

Join Sam as we continue our adventure in Fantasyland and take on the challenge of escaping the Curious Labyrinth which is also known as the Alice In Wonderland Maze. While we look for the exit of the attraction we also take the opportunity to take a few snaps with all the great photo locations. We also head down to the City Hall to get clarification on Disney’s Selfie Stick rules along with catching the end of the Stars On Parade performance. While watching the parade we also see a very magical moment between Windy Darling, Mr Smee, Captain Hook and one of the audience members in a right place at the right time kind of moment.

​Illuminations FULL Show

​Join Sam as we continue our trip in at Disneyland Paris and this time find ourselves on the hunt for the Indiana Jones Temple Of Peri but unfortunately when we got there the ride was closed. We instead decided to head down to see Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates Of The Caribbean ride. While we couldn’t record the ride this time around we instead let the phone charge ready to see record the full show of Disney Illuminations which is shown on sleeping beauty’s castle every night. This Illuminations night time spectacular is an amazing show with combines the use of special projector mapping, live music, fireworks, fire and lot’s more special effects which all work together to make one epic performance.

5 Years Of The Magic, End Of Solo Adventure?

​A massive thanks for all the support over the last 5 years during our Disneyland Pairs Solo Adventure Series. We have now reached the end of our 5th Anniversary and looking back over all the trips from 2014-2018 it has been an incredible journey. We have experienced so many wonderful trips to the happiest place on earth but after 5 years it might be the end of the Solo Adventure series. I would like to personally thank everyone who has tuned in and has shown support over the history of Solo Adventure. We may continue on but at this moment in time there is no details.