Welcome to the Disneyland Paris Solo Adventure 2017 section on the SJBB HQ! – In this area you will find all of the videos from the DLP 2017 Solo Adventure series in order of release. Individual videos such as Rides & Attractions can be found in the main Disneyland Paris section.

Journey & Disneyland Park

​Are you ready to return back to the magic? If so, then get ready as we bring you Part 1 of Disneyland Paris Solo Adventure 2017.
That’s right we are back at Disneyland Pairs for the 4th Installment of our solo adventure series and this time we are taking a new approach to the way we get to Disneyland Paris. This year is my first time flying out as in previous years I have took the euro star train so it all an exciting new experience for me. This part only shows us looking around Doncaster Airport and then flying to CDG. I then give you a little room tour at Hotel Kyriad.

Magic Plus Annual Passport

In this video I will be heading down to the Disneyland Park for the first time this trip. I was also able to see the parks 25th Anniversary and Christmas decorations through-out the park which was amazing to see along with some different characters out for meet and greats. I also head down to the Annual Passport building to buy and collect my second Annual Pass which this year I decided on the Magic Plus as it included a lot of bonus things that other passes didn’t offer. I also explained how the Monthly payment system worked instead of purchasing the passport in full on the day. 

Guest Stars & Stars On Parade

In this video we start of by taking a ride on our of our favorite attractions at the Disneyland Paris Resort Autopia which can be found in Discoveryland. After a nice drive we headed down to Main Street USA where 2 characters from the film Zootopia gave us a surprise visit and we also learnt that Tuesday is Guest Star day. At the end of the video we get to watch the brand new Star On Parade which is new for the parks 25th Anniversary. We have cut down the parade video but the full video can be seen here: 

Illuminations & Annette's Diner

Are you ready to experience the brand new night time show at Disneyland Park. This new night time show uses the latest technology in projection mapping along with water, fire effects and fireworks. All these effects add to the magic and really help tell the story of Disney’s Illuminations. After watching Disney’s Illuminations for the first time I then head over to Disney Village for some dinner at my favourite restaurant Annette’s Diner where I give you an insight to some of the benefits of having an annual pass.

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster & Christmas Songs

Are you ready to rock like a star as we ride the thrilling and fabulous Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at Walt Disney Studios park in Paris. That’s right in Part 5 of the 2017 Solo Adventure series we are busy with thrills as we take advantage of the 5 minute wait time. After taking a few crazy rides it was time to relax as we join Mickey, Minnie & Goofy for some Christmas songs as we sing along to some of our favorite classic such as Jingle Bells & more.

Studio Tram Tour

Join Sam as we head straight into Part 6 of our Disneyland Paris 2017 Solo Adventure. In this part we are finally able to ride the Studio Tram Tour attraction at the Walt Disney Studios park. Every year we have visited Disneyland Paris it has been in January when it is low season as due to this some of the attractions are closed and this has included the Studio Tram Tour. It was great to finally ride the attraction this year as we visited in November instead. The Studio Tram Tour allow you to see behind the scenes and learn how some of the special effects are done in the movies such as fire, earth quakes, water and more.

Meeting Characters

Join Sam as we bring you Part 7 of our Disneyland Paris Solo Adventure 2017 Series. Firstly we head into Disneyland Park to catch the first bit of the Disney’s On Star parade and get to see the amazing Dragon breath fire. In this episode we also start Day 4 of our adventure and get around to meeting many new friends across both the Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios. We managed to do a Meet & Greet with Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Mrs Incredible which was amazing to see the amount of flexibility she had.

Marie & Riverboat Landing

Join Sam as he brings you the latest installment of the Disneyland Paris Solo Adventure 2017 series. In this episode we are still meeting new characters and this time around we were able to take a picture with Marie and Scrooge Mcduck. After meeting some new friends it was time to take a little ride on the Disneyland Railway where we traveled through the Pirates Of The Caribbean ride where we saw some of the animatronica which was pretty awesome. It was then time to take a ride on the Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing attraction which has always been closed during our previous trips in January. 

Flying With Dumbo

Join Sam as he brings you the latest instalment of the Disneyland Paris Solo Adventure 2017 series. In this episode we are first going to join The Mad Hatter for his tea party but we did go a bit insane and a little dizzy. We are taking flight with our good friend Dumbo as we look over the amazing night time views of Fantasyland. At the end of the video we are taking a little ride on Star Tours but due to the nature of the attraction we were unable to record. The ride is of high quality and even if you are not a star wars fan I still suggest giving it a ride for the motion simulator elements. 

Maxi Challenge & THE END!

Join Sam for part 10 and the final episode of the Disneyland Paris 2017 Solo Adventures series. This episode picks up right where part 9 ended as we finish our ride on Autopia to try and catch the last part of the Illuminations show. We then took a little walk around the shops to pick up one last purchase before heading out to the park. It was on the way out I was able to see Mickey Mouse one last goodbye from Mickey Mouse himself right above the Mainstreet Station. It was then time to have my final meal at where else besides Annette’s diner if course. I decided to take the Maxi Challenge to try and win a free milkshake, the question is could I complete my mission?