Welcome to the Discovery Cove section on the SJBB HQ! – Discovery Cove is a water park that is owned and operated by the Sea World group. Discovery Cove is an all inclusive day in paradise as from the moment you enter the parks all of the parks facilitates are included from wet suits, snorkels, towels, food, beverages and lot’s more. In order to gain entry to Discovery Cove you must have a reservation as only 1,300 guests are allowed at one time. Discovery Cove also has additional experiences you can purchase to make your day extra special such as Dolphin Swims, Shark Swims & SeaVeanture.

Discovery Cove VLOG

Join Sam for an all inclusive day in paradise as we pay a visit to the Discovery Cove theme park in Orlando Florida. Discovery Cove allows guests to experience an all inclusive day in paradise as they explore the parks offerings and attractions at their own leisure. Discovery Cove includes all the things you would need to have the perfect day from breakfast, lunch, light snacks, alcohol, soft drinks, wet suits, lockers, snorkels, towels, sun scream and more. If you wanted to make the most out of your visit then you can also add a Dolphin Swim, SeaVenture and more.

SeaVenture Experience

Join Sam as we head underwater at Discovery Cove for our SeaVenture experience. In this video we get the unique opportunity to get up close to some of the sea creatures and learn more about them from our diving instructors and even have our photo taken. We were also able to get up close to a starfish and more which really added to surprising but exciting twist to the experience. While the SeaVenture experience is a separate ticket event it is really worth looking into for anyone that loves wildlife and really wants to upgrade their Discovery Cove trip. It is important to note that tickets should be booked well in advance to avoid disappointment due to Discovery Cove strict limited capacity.

Discovery Cove - Photo Gallery

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