Welcome to the Guides section on the SJBB HQ! – In this area we host all sorts of informative videos such as guides to planning your next adventure, tips on tickets, food & beverage units, retail outlets, attractions reviews and more. We have dedicated this area to helping our viewers get the most value out of their time and money when it comes to making big decisions. We will continue to add new content regularly but also welcome any new video ideas from our viewers. If you have any new suggestions for a guide or review related video then please get in touch here.

Hotel Resort & Room Tours – While on our adventures we will occasionally stay overnight at one of the parks or attractions we visit and this could be either their on site hotel, nearby bed and breakfasts or a hotel chains. While staying at the accommodation we may record a Hotel Resort Tour or Room Tour video that allows us to show viewers what the Hotel is like and what it has to offer along with giving a more depth look at the amenity’s, bars, restaurant’s, swimming pools, gyms and other leisure activity’s.