Welcome to the Get In Touch page on the SJBB HQ! – If you would like to get in touch with us regarding any of our services or content then please get in touch below. If you are reaching out to us then please ensure you read our guidelines before submitting your information. If you would like to send our any suggestions or feedback then please use our dedicated Get Involved area.

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Contact Guidelines

  • When reaching out to us please ensure you are filling out each field correct and all information you submit is valid and up to date. If we reach back out to you then we will rely on the information you have submitted to be correct.
  • In the situation we need to reach out to you we will use our default email address [email protected] Please ensure you have this added to your contact list to avoid our reply going into your spam/junk folder.
  • The contact form should be used for legit purposes only and not abused as doing this may result in your contact information being dismissed and your connection to the SJBB HQ being blacklisted.
  • The information submitted into this form goes directly to the SJBB management team. If your submission is related to any of our guest starts then this information may be shared with them. We are currently unable to offer direct contact with any of our channel stars for security and privacy reasons. 
  • As part of our increased security protocols only links sent for a valid and trusted domain name will be reviewed. Any unrecognised links will be dismissed including custom URL’s.
  • Anything business related should be emailed directly to [email protected] using your company domain name or official contact email address representing you/your company.