SJBB April Fools Pranks

In 2022, What will happen?

In 2021, The SJBB HQ domain name ( was redirecting guests to an old YouTube Channel named “THEBBVIDEO” which was co-owned by SJBB and another close friend back in 2010. This allowed users to explore and watch content from the retro days before the SJBBVideos Channel was created. 

In 2020, SJBB announced that a special 7 day upload event will happen with videos being released daily at 12.00PM GMT. On the 1st April the video was instead released at 12.00AM allowing viewers to access the video earlier than expected.

In 2019, SJBBVideos released an update stating there will be no video due to taking some time off to celebrate “April” Fools day. SJBBVideos also shared a link to a new page but a password was required to unlock the content. The hinted password was “April” and when users entered the password correctly they were treated to an exclusive recalled video that didn’t make it onto the YouTube channel.

In 2018, SJBBVidoes released a brand new design and layout change on the SJBBVideos HQ homepage. SJBBVideos then released social media updates advertising this new change. The design change wasn’t actually new but was a very old classic version of the SJBBVideos HQ. 

In 2017, SJBBVideos released a breakdown / E-STOP video from the “Derren Browns Ghost Train” but the video was actually from the old version of the ride and not from the new “Rise Of The Demon” experience. Did you notice?

In 2016, SJBBVideos released a new video labelled “Derren Browns Ghost Train On Ride POV”. This video was actually a prank and when a viewer clicked on the video the song “Never Gonna Let You Go” was played through-out the video.