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Owner & Founder

Hello, My name is Sam (AKA: SJBB). I am the Owner & Founder of the SJBB HQ, SJBB+ Service, SJBB YouTube Channel and Social Media channels. I keep the services up and running with frequent updates and ensure that we always have regular content being released. I have a huge passion for Theme Parks, Water Parks and Tourist Attractions but also always up for experiencing something new and unique. I often share what I get up to on my adventures by posting vlogs and  other types of content onto the SJBB HQ and SJBB YouTube Channel. If you would like to get in touch with me about any of the services I manage or anything business related then drop me an email to [email protected].

SJBB HQ - Guest Stars & Special Thanks

Welcome to the Special Thanks section on the SJBB HQ! – In this area you can see a selection of family members, close friends and fans that have made appearances on the SJBB YouTube Channel. While all of the guest stars have made dedicated appearances across a selection of videos we have made a list of categorise and allocated guests into these based on video appearances and among other things. It is important to note that anyone listed here is NOT officially associated with any of the SJBB services and have voluntarily appeared on camera with full knowledge behind the content we make and where the material will be used. It is SJBB’s aim to keep growing and adding users to this list as we continue to expand on the SJBB HQ and SJBB YouTube Channel content offerings but only those deemed necessarily and appropriate will be added. It is important to note that we may occasionally adjust users category or remove them from this area completely without notice.

Liam - Occasional Guest
Richard - Orlando 2016
David - Orlando 2016
Matt - Orlando 2016
Nicole - Light Guest
Justin - Light Guest

Guest Stars Key
Light Guest – The guests listed in this category have made a selection of minor appearances through-out the years on the SJBB HQ & SJBB YouTube Channel. Light guests may also be close family & friends that rarely appear on the channel but accompany us on adventures, holiday series or special meet up events. 
Occasional Guest – The guests listed in this category have made a dedicated and decent amount of appearances through-out the years on the SJBB HQ & SJBB YouTube Channel. Occasional guests are people who appear every so often on the channel and continue to have a positive impact in both attitude and respect towards the SJBB services.. Occasional guests are also close friends that often join us very often on adventure but does not always appear in videos. 
Holiday Series – The guests listed in this area have joined us for a holiday adventure series and have made regular video appearances on the channel during the adventure. Any guest stars that did not make a reasonable amount of video appearances during the holiday series adventure will not be listed.  
Channel Regular – The guests listed in this category have made regular appearances through-out the years in a mixture of different video types such as VLOG’s, Behind The Scenes Tours, VIP Experiences and more. Channel regular guests are people that pride themselves in being on the channel and tend to get involved in a variety of activity’s during adventures. Channel Regular guests are confident individuals that are not afraid to go out of their comfort zone and share their personality during adventures, videos and with the community. 
Channel Veteran – The guests listed in this category are people that were previously listed as Channel Regulars. Channel Veterans are guests that have really gone over and beyond all expectations to help promote, improve and expand on the SJBB brand and content offerings. Channel Veterans are guests that are heavily involved with the SJBB HQ & SJBB YouTube Channel and make regular appearances on the channel and heavily involved in new projects and adventures. Channel Veterans are guests that share our passion and support our core goals to keep on expanding our content offerings from new and old destinations.  Channel Veterans also receive exclusive SJBB perks and become future candidates to join our staff team members that actively contribute to the SJBB HQ & SJBB YouTube Channel.
Retired (L, O, H, CR, CV,) – Starred on the channel in the past but no longer appears and left on good terms.