Welcome to the Merlin Annual Passholders section on the SJBB HQ! – In this area you can learn more about our collaboration with the Merlin Annual Passholders Group. If you run a community group and wish to collaborate with us then please send us a message to [email protected] 
Merlin Annual Passholders is a group that can be found on Facebook which has over 45,000 members and counting. The group has a massive range of members that are fans of all the Merlin attractions including but not limited to the Theme Parks, Madame Tussauds, Dungeons, Sea Lifes and lot’s more. If you have a Merlin Annual Pass or are thinking of getting one then why not join? There is always people sharing tips and great at answering many popular questions that will help you make your next Merlin trip even more magical. Merlin Annual Passholders group also is a great way to find out news, images and videos from all the special events going on across the Merlin Attractions worldwide.  Find out more here.

SJBB and it’s services are not officially associated with the Merlin Annual Passholders group or community pages. SJBB does not own or operate any of these groups or pages. Merlin Annual Passholders group and community pages are owned and operated by selection of admins which can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/433978570084130/admins/.

SJBB just simply shares videos and other types of content within the group which is Merlin related to help improve the content offering and spread awareness of the Merlin attractions to the Merlin Annual Passholder community members.  Any questions or comments should be submitted to [email protected] where we will review your submission and respond if needed.