Welcome to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park section on the SJBB HQ! – Yorkshire Wildlife Park is a Tourist Attraction located in Cantley, South Yorkshire that is home to a wide range of animal residents in a variety of different themed areas across the park. Yorkshire Wildlife Park is a great place for guests of all ages to visit and explore the park at their own leisure. The park has a wide selection of different things to do during your visit from featured talks and animal feeds from the experienced zoo keepers to the walk through attractions such as the Lemur Woods & Wallaby Walkabout. Did we also mention the park has POLAR BEARS which can be seen at the Project Polar 1&2 sections of the park and is alone worth a visit to the park to see. 

Yorkshire Wildlife VLOG

In this first ever visit to Yorkshire Wildlife Park we take a gradual walk through the park taking in the amazing views of the scenery while also on the hunt for the animal residents of the park. We managed to explore majority of the park in one day with moderate crowd levels through-out the day. Yorkshire Wildlife Park has a lot of grounds to cover with different animals located all over the park in different dedicated areas from Lion Country & Lemur Woods to Project Polar 1 & 2. Yorkshire Wildlife Park is a fantastic place to visit for guests of all ages with easy accessible and wide paths to explore the park to the well prices ticket entry and free car parking. While our day at the park was cold and wet which made it hard to see some of the animals it was still a nice way to spend a family day out.

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