Welcome to the Go-Ape section on the SJBB HQ! – Go-Ape is a group of attractions located around the UK that allows visitors to conquer many different types of thrilling courses such as high ropes, low ropes, zip lines and more. While there are many different types Go-Ape attractions each one has something different to offer with their different challenges, obstacle and more. Go-Ape courses are a great way to overcome your fears and really push yourself all within a safe and secure environment. 


Join Sam and Liam as we bring you a brand new kind of adventure which we have never done before on the channel. In this video you will join both of us as we take on the mighty Go Ape course which is located at the Chessington World Of Adventures Resort. In this video we taking on the 4 set of 5 in total. The Go Ape is course is designed and built to test your limits as you are met with different types of pathways and obstacles to pass in order to carry on. There is 4 different types of pathways you can come across during your Go Ape adventure: Easy, Moderate, Difficult and Extreme.

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