Welcome to the Cadburys World section on the SJBB HQ! – Cadburys World is a Tourist Attraction dedicated to the history of the Cadburys Chocolate company. The attraction allows guests of all ages to live out the ideal chocolate dream as you go back in time and experience the history of the company. Throughout the tour you will learn more on how the company started, the way the company adapted to better manufacture the products along with creating new ones.  During your tour you will also see how chocolate is made, taste some samples and more.

Cadburys World VLOG

Join Sam for a complete walk through experience of Cadburys World in Birmingham. The Cadburys World attraction is located in Birmingham and takes guests of all ages on a history tour of the history of the Cadburys company, how the chocolate is made a lot’s more. There is characters on screens located around the first part of the attraction and then you are brought into several threatre rooms that goes into more detail regarding the chocolate making progress. When you have finished in the theatre rooms you are able to continue your tour where you can learn more about how some of your favorite products are made.

Cadabra On Ride POV

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