Welcome to the Blackpool Zoo section on the SJBB HQ! – Blackpool Zoo is a Tourist Attraction located in Blackpool which allows visitors to get up close to some amazing animals. Blackpool Zoo has a wide selection of animals that visitors of all ages can learn more about through their talks and animal feeding sessions. The zoo has a lot of animal enclosures to see and it is highly recommend that you take a look at the zoo talk and show guide to make the most out of your day. If you really want a day to remember then consider doing one of the zoos animal feeding experiences. 

Blackpool Zoo VLOG

Join Sam for an action packed day out at the Blackpool Zoo where we take the opportunity to explore all of the attraction. While on our day out we try to fit in as many animal talk and feeds that we can and also learn more about of of the animals that lives at the Blackpool Zoo. We also took the opportunity to look around at every area of the zoo and meet some new friends such as the Elephants, Gorillas, Tigers, Lions, Penguins, Sea Lions and many, many more. The Blackpool Zoo is a great day out and is highly recommend if you fancy a day away from the Blackpool Pleasure Beach or any of the attractions on the Sea Front.

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